Web hosts and web hosting companies play an important role in driving traffic toward a particular website. A website must maintain a certain amount of viewers in order to be considered an established and profitable establishment.There are a variety of web hosts and companies that specialize in web hosting. Unlimited FTP access is a real plus when selecting a web hosting company.



Web Hosting Companies


Bluehost is a well known web hosting company with an excellent reputation and rating. Bluehost is built on open source technology and currently hosts over two million websites. This web hosting company offers exceptional deals for as little as $3.95 a month. Bluehost will design a unique plan to fit almost any need. Online customer service as well as technical support is available on a regular basis.

i-Page is another excellent web hosting organization. i-Page has an excellent user rating and they currently offer free domain registration. In addition, i-Page offers free on site building tools as well a sfree search engine credits.

Green-Geek is a popular web hosting company that offers exceptional prices and benefits. Green-Geek offers unlimited space as well as transfer e-mail services. Custom tailored domain packages start at $3.00 per month. Green-Geek has no hidden fees associated with the company and live chat services are always available. This is one of the few web hosting service companies that offers a money back guarantee. Additioanl information may be easily obtained through the website. Green-Geek is now providing unlimited FTP access for new sign up customers. Weather FTP access will be offered on a continual basis at this time is unknown.

WP Engine offers customers outstanding services at moderate prices. WP Engine uses a Word Press hosting platform. At present, WP Engine offers service to over 200,000
domains. WP Engine will help to build superior content and drive traffic toward a particular website. This web hosting company can construct a domain so that it can receive as many as 70 million page views within a 24 hour period.

Dreamhost is another popular web hosting service. Dreamhost offers special shared plans starting at only $8.95 per month. This service offers unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited databases and so much more. The most basic service is now being offered for around $8.95 a month. The Dreamhost website will give more specific information and detail.

Hostgator is a web host company that offers unlimited disk space as well as free templates. In addition, Hostgator offers affordable prices and exceptional long term discounts. Hostgator offers 24/7 technical support. Technical support can actually answer a great deal of in depth questions in an efficient manner. Technical support staff is highly skilled and trained in many areas of computer technology.

Web hosts and web host companies provide a much needed service. When web hosting is done properly it can mean the difference between the success or failure of an organization, product or specialized service. Reviews of the best web hosts are available at this provided Yahoo Finance link. Increasing website traffic is the main objective where web hosting is concerned. Increased web traffic will ultimately mean an increased awareness by thousands of viewers to a particular website each and every day. Therefore, it is critical to select the proper web host provider when attempting to start a new business or product promotion campaign.